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The Dark and Mysterious Ghost Walk Is Sure to Delight with Its Spooky Scares

The Durham Dark and Mysterious Ghost Walk is a family friendly 1.5 mile walking tour designed for adults and children 8 years and older please seeking a unique and different downtown Durham, North Carolina experience. The tour combines local ghost stories, folklore and local history as it takes you to six different Ghost and Paranormal sites including Bull Durham Factory, Kress Store Building, Devil’s Teacher, Hotel Malbourne Memory, Snow Building and the Liggett-Myers Factory stories are on the itinerary. Since the beginning of recorded history, man has written of the afterlife and of those who have returned to walk the earth.

North Carolina has a particularly rich history, and along with that history comes the deep-rooted folklore that goes hand-in-hand with historic places. This tour has very spooky and scary moments, so be prepared! This Ghost Walk is fast paced and keeps the guest moving. Do you believe in ghosts and creature of the night? Whether your answer is yes or no, almost everyone enjoys a ghost story or an inexplicable tale of the unusual. And when that narrative has as its basis real people, actual places and recorded events, it becomes more enjoyable because it hints at credibility and believability.

At Carrington Park Apartments in Morrisville, North Carolina we pride ourselves on informing our residents about all the upcoming events our beautiful community has to offer. Don’t hesitate to join this event on Saturday! 

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 7:30 AM

Event Venue Location: 
Tyler's Restaurant and Taproom  
324 Blackwell Street
Durham, North Carolina 27701

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