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An Apple for the Teacher

Who better to know what to get a teacher as an end of the school year gift than teachers themselves? A survey recently asked our country’s educators what they most want to receive. Use this list to get some ideas for your child’s teachers. Hint: it is not a coffee mug with an apple on it!

School Supply Basket - Fill a basket with basic office and school supplies, rubber stamps and stamp pads, stickers, and a gift certificate to an office supply store.

Fun in the Sun - Help your favorite teacher celebrate summer with a beach bucket filled with sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, sun visor, flip flops, a puzzle book, and a gift certificate to a local pool or water park.

Gardening Gifts - A large plant pot can hold seeds, garden tools, work gloves, a sun visor, and a gift certificate to a local nursery.

Keeping Cool - Pack a small ice chest or insulated bag with an insulated can cozy, a small fan, cool mint gum, reusable ice cubes, and a gift certificate to a local ice cream shop.

Movie Night - Get an empty, unused popcorn box from a movie theater and fill it with packages of microwave popcorn, candies such as Twizzlers, Junior Mints, and Dots, and a gift card to a local movie.

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