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Garner Performing Arts Center Presents Soul Heaven

In this play, Howard, a homeless man living on the streets of New York finds an old dirty lamp. He thinks he might be able to get some cash for it, so he cleans it off and a genie appears to grant him 3 wishes. One of his wishes is for him and his girlfriend Vanessa to sit in the front row at a concert featuring many of his favorite soul singers. The problem is that all of the performers he wants to see has passed on, so him and his girlfriend take a trip to "Soul Heaven". You will not want to miss this performance.

Join us for an incredible live performance of Garner Performing Arts Center! 
At Carrington Park Apartments in Morrisville, North Carolina, we believe it’s important to integrate yourself into the community, which is why we suggest attending this event. Meeting new people, having unfamiliar experiences, and joining neighborhood activities is the key to an exceptional lifestyle.
Event Date/Time:
Saturday, September 24, 2016— 7:00 PM
Event Venue Location:
Garner Performing Arts Center 
742 West Garner Road 
Garner, North Carolina 27529

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